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From:Mike Machado Date:March 19 1999 4:46am
Subject:Re: Creation of Databases in perl?
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You can go check and get the lastest MyAdmin and see
exactly how perl code can manage a mysql database.

Justin Plock wrote:

> I was wondering if anybody knew any way to create databases and tables from
> within a web-based perl script.  Someone gave me some sample code that
> basically is just piping the SQL commands to mysql:
> open (MYH, "|mysql --user=username --password=password") || die "Cannot open
> pipe to mysql\n";
> print MYH <<"EOF";
> drop table domains;
> drop table hosts;
> create table domains (ip char(15) not null primary key);
> create table hosts (ip char(15) not null primary key);
> But this code don't seem to work.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
>                             -Justin Plock
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