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From:jonathan michaels Date:March 19 1999 1:53am
Subject:beginners resource and an introduction -- a bit long, sorry
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a question if i may, would somebody recomend, a book or books 
for begining sql (mysql in particular) database building and 
using .. sort of like a primer and or a care and feeding guide, 
sort of things, please.

also a bit over due but i suppose i need to say this as well.

i've been reading and browsing a litle while now, the list 
seems to be quite a knowledgable place to be, congratualtions 
to all who have made it like this, all teh best for teh future. 
i hope to be able to contribute to this in same small way, i 

i suppose i'd better introduce myself, apart from say that my 
name is jonathan michaels and that i am an invalid pensioner 
currently residing in sydney australia thier isn't all that much 
to say. other than in a previous life i was a systems analyst 
and tinkered a lot with databases and information retrieval 
systems and data mangling in general. i;m using an asortment od 
intel based hardware, some new some old, very old, all running 
various incarnations of freebsd and (very) shortly, i hope a new
beos v4 and or v4.1

my life can be described thusly ... then, one morning some 8 
years ago i woke up and hand no recolection of a previous life 
or how i had gotten to where i was .. it was a really freightn 
expericence, but i knew it was all thier somewhere, but where.

you will notice some er funny spellings, i suffer with 
dsylexia, i also have some neurological difficulties that make 
reading writng (and typing) very hard. most spelling checkers 
make a dsylexed text far worse that it starts out, so i no 
longeruse a spelling checker. because, if i cant read what i've 
written, thier is no point .. if you can understand that one.

one other thing, i suffer with chronic, intractible sever pain 
caused my sever arthritis .. sometimes my responces may seem to 
be "short" and or "punchy", this is because of my pain levels 
and not as a method of provocation or getting snotty over an 
email .. i m reasobably well tmpered .. living with sever, 
untreatble pain fro over 40 years does that to/for a person. 

well that all thier is to this jonathan michaels, a singularly 
unremarkable person ... well ok, i've survived, grin.



Jonathan Michaels
PO Box 144, Rosebery, NSW 1445 Australia

beginners resource and an introduction -- a bit long, sorryjonathan michaels19 Mar