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From:Douglas Brantz Date:November 1 2000 7:58pm
Subject:Re: List Rules -adding WWWThreads?
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Could there be a WWWThreads support threaded discussion board created or is
there one now?  I use this discussion board - it works with Mysql and its
great.  Could create the structure your discussing below and then as users
join they can subscribe to the boards that interest them so that new posts
are emailed to them or they can check the boards as well as search them.?
I'm getting too much email from this listserv and would like to receive less
and think the discussion board web page could be the answer??

Checkout WWWThreads at


Thimble Smith wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 06:45:03PM -0500, Ruben I Safir wrote:
> >
> > Something needs to be done to lift the level of this list and
> > narrow it's scope.
> Ruben, I appreciate your desire to keep this list useful, and I
> agree with you that things can be much better than they are now.
> I think we can do something that will make it so.
> > I would recommend, first, that the list is broken further down
> > to DBI, PHP, INSTALLATION, Administration and a beginners
> > listing, along with the current ODBC and WIN32 mailings.
> >
> > I suggest abolitioning the General Help mailing list.
> The MySQL list has been getting a steadily increasing amount
> of traffic, as MySQL's popularity grows.  Also as a result of
> popularity, more inexperienced people are learning about MySQL
> early on - and wanting to try it out.  Many people don't even
> grasp the difference between Apache, PHP and MySQL - to them it's
> one big glob of an application, and expecting them to sort it out
> isn't realistic.
> These two facts point us in conflicting directions.  The first
> says we should split up the list - reduce traffic, keep things
> on topic, etc.  The second says there's no way splitting the
> list will work, because the people who cause the problem won't
> know enough to use the proper list in the first place.
> There are already separate java, perl and c++ lists for MySQL.
> A PHP list makes some sense (although the php mailing list that
> already exists is more appropriate).
> My point is, these separate resources already exist, but people
> don't use them.  Splitting up the general list won't fix the
> problem.
> > Secondly, then folks need to point people asking the wrong
> > questions to the correct list.
> So you have hit on the solution that I think is best.  The list
> can be moderated by those who read it.  If someone posts an off-
> topic message, send them the standard reply by e-mail.  If someone
> responds to an off-topic message on the list, send *them* the
> standard reply, and encourage them to not clutter up the list.
> Once the regulars on the list start doing this, things will clear
> up in a hurry.
> Here is a start at the standard reply.  If others think this is
> reasonable, I'll take suggestions for improvements and send this
> out periodically to the list so that we can keep it relevant.
> ======================================================================
> Hello.  Thank you for your interest in MySQL.
> You have been sent this mail because a message you sent to the
> MySQL mailing list (mysql@stripped) was off-topic or
> otherwise inappropriate (at least, the person sending this mail
> thought so).  Please read the following tips, which will help
> you get the best response to your needs.
> The list receives, on average, over a hundred e-mail a day[1].
> In order to make any sense out of this, we need to follow some
> basic guidelines.  We want this list to be a valuable resource.
> If, after reading this message, you feel that your e-mail was
> appropriate, please wait to see if another person answers your
> question.  If you do not get an answer within a day or two, write
> back again - giving as much information as you can - and someone
> will help you.
> The MySQL list is for questions about MySQL, not about other
> software that uses MySQL.  If you asked a question about one of
> these topics, please direct it instead to the appropriate resource.
>     Apache
>         Please read the Apache FAQ, and follow the directions for
>         contacting support and getting more information.
>           -
>     CGI
>         You may find the CGI Programming FAQ to be helpful.
>           -
>         If you're using Perl as your scripting language, you may
>         also want to see the Perl and CGI FAQ.
>           -
>     Perl
>         Questions about using Perl in general should be sent to the
>         appropriate Perl news group.  See the question about getting
>         more information and Perl newsgroups in the Perl FAQ.
>           -
>     PHP
>         You may find the answer to your question in the PHP FAQ.  The
>         FAQ also tells you how to ask the PHP mailing lists for more
>         information.
>           -
> Your mail may also have been poorly formatted and difficult
> to read, or you may not have used a reasonable Subject for
> the message.  Writing legible e-mail with a proper Subject
> will greatly improve your chances of getting an answer to your
> questions.  You can find more about how to send clear e-mail
> at this site:
> Thank you for reading this message.  I hope it helps you to find the
> answer to your questions.
> [1] See
> ======================================================================
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