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From:S. Whitmore Date:March 19 1999 1:45am
Subject:Transfer table structures among databases?
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This message contains two questions...

The main question:  Is there an easy (e.g., semi-automated) way to
transfer table structures from one database on one system to another
database on another system?  When I was still working with PowerHouse
(from Cognos), there was a way to export the structure of a data
table to a file that could be executed on the destination system and
it would re-create everything you needed.  I'd love to find that kind
of functionality with MySQL!  :-)

The secondary question:  I've seen the MySQL manual and some tutorials,
but is there a FAQ?  Is there any interest in a "knowledge-base-ish"
interactive FAQ that would allow browsing and searching?  I have
something in mind (and a place to host it!), but I don't want to
waste / duplicate effort.


Stuart Whitmore
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