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From:Robert Hazeltine Date:June 19 1999 8:26pm
Subject:Re: Storing HTML text
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Hi Chris

On Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Chris Lott wrote:

> Since my previous query is not receiving a lot of notice yet, let me
> approach the issue from another direction.
> Is anyone generating web pages with a lot of HTML text from a MySQL db, and
> if so, how are you approaching storage of the text. My initial idea has been
> to use the longtext field to hold the stories with basic html formatting and
> then pull these and stuff the pages. The problem is figuring out how to get
> the pages into the db at the same time. Short of entering them one by one, I
> mean... I can't seem to get a working LOAD DATA file that has multiline
> fields...

I'm using MySQL to put our catalogue to the web.  I've stored the text as
text/plain because the copy is not very complex (no tables, etc).  This
also helped with data capture. 

However, I had to make some small concession to 'typesetting' and
eventually settled on a subset of TeX tags (bullets, emphasis and various
dashes). This provides a great deal of flexibility and avoids problems
storing the data as media type other than plain text - changing
specifications, eg. The embedded TeX tags are converted dynamically. 

As a result, it's possible to use a perl script to convert the data once
in the MySQL database to HTML, XML, etc. or anything else for that matter.


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