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From:Jay J Date:June 19 1999 5:31pm
Subject:Re: Storing HTML text
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Being perl-centric..  my instinct would be to use Perl w/ODBC and DBD::MySQL
for the whole thing.

I realize there may be incompatibilites between 'column types', but why not
just recreate the structure (memos -> mediumtext, etc..), dump from Access
to a .csv, then load it in with mysqlimport or LOAD DATA?

BTW - there's a chance one of the many MySQL GUI's (many use GTK, or even
WinMySQL might help ya

-Jay J

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> At 8:03 AM -0800 6/19/1999, Chris Lott wrote:
> >> Since you are (apparently) going to be using a script to retrieve your
> >> data and generate the HTML pages, why don't you also use a script to
> >> read your data and insert it in the first place?  There's no reason
> >> you have to use LOAD DATA to put in your data.
> >
> >I'm going to use PHP to build the pages and retrieve the data. I can use
> >to insert the data... but I am looking for a way to convert a large
> >of legacy data that has been, up to now, stored in Microsoft Access db's
> >using a combination of fields including memo fields for the pages of
> >My first thought was to dump them into some delimited format and import
> >via LOAD DATA, but this fails because of the variable length of the memo
> >fields...
> >
> >I will look into using PHP to read the files and insert the data... or
> >perhaps find a Perl guru to help do something if that is the direction I
> >have to take.
> Yes, for a problem like that, you might find a standalone program
> written using Perl and DBI a better solution than PHP.  PHP can be
> used for standalone programs, but it's really more suitable for a Web
> environment.
> Other readers of the list may have different views - I'd be interested
> to hear other suggestions.
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