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From:Garrick Staples Date:June 19 1999 4:21pm
Subject:Re: Storing HTML text
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   I have frequent occasion to take data from Access and Excel.  I'm not
sure if I do it the "right way", but I usually just export the data to
tab delimited with no qualifiers, use two or three lines of awk to
create SQL commands and just pipe it into mysql.  I tend to gravitate to
the easy, low tech solution.
    It's difficult to chose the correct output format.  I try to stay
away from qualifiers because I've had problems with Access and Excel not
properly escaping the delimiter within a field.  I usally get away with
just a tab delimiter because most of the data is originally entered with
some sort of GUI where the tab key moves the cursor to the next input
box... tabs are never entered into the data.  If it's data with a good
deal of text, then I'd try a multicharacter delimiter like ``%%__%%''
    I haven't found the Holy Grail of mass data imports.  You have to
just get to know your data and decide what method is best.  I know that
MyODBC should be a good route for my own needs, but my data tends to be
highly date oriented and Access has problems with time stamp fields.

   Side note: Is it just me or is everyone really cranky on the list
today?  Is everyone just pissed about having to work on Saturday?

Chris Lott wrote:
> > Since you are (apparently) going to be using a script to retrieve your
> > data and generate the HTML pages, why don't you also use a script to
> > read your data and insert it in the first place?  There's no reason
> > you have to use LOAD DATA to put in your data.
> I'm going to use PHP to build the pages and retrieve the data. I can use PHP
> to insert the data... but I am looking for a way to convert a large amount
> of legacy data that has been, up to now, stored in Microsoft Access db's
> using a combination of fields including memo fields for the pages of text.
> My first thought was to dump them into some delimited format and import them
> via LOAD DATA, but this fails because of the variable length of the memo
> fields...
> I will look into using PHP to read the files and insert the data... or
> perhaps find a Perl guru to help do something if that is the direction I
> have to take.
> c
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