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From:Ilya Obshadko Date:June 19 1999 6:48am
Subject:Re: db queries suddenly slowed down
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On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, David Johnson wrote:

> We copied that database off before deleting the tables and are currently
> reproducing all the work our servers were doing during the time database
> freaked this morning.  We can't reproduce the problem.
> Anyone seen anything like this before?

Got a problem like this - discussion board queries began to take a long
time after table grows > 20000 records. On the other hand, my
experience shows that FreeBSD is not a good choice for MySQL databases.
Benchmarks shows that MySQL on FreeBSD is about 6 times (!) slower in
overall performance than on similar Linux box (SMP version).

Now I'm reworking my databases - denormalizing tables etc.

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