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From:terry jones Date:June 18 1999 10:37pm
Subject:STDCALL inconsistency in client/libmysql.c
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I'm writing some perl to process client/libmysql.c in order to build
an STk interface to MySQL. It would be helpful if the line

  MYSQL * STDCALL mysql_init(MYSQL *mysql)

(line 897 in MySQL 3.22.23b) was instead two lines:

  mysql_init(MYSQL *mysql)

like all the other STDCALL-marked client API functions.

Can this change be made, or is there some reason why this one function
is declared like this all on one line?

Please reply to me directly (and Cc the list if you mailing like), I'm
not currently on the mailing list.

STDCALL inconsistency in client/libmysql.cterry jones19 Jun