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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 18 1999 1:50pm
Subject:Re: ERROR 1130
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Alan Chan wrote:
> Unable to connect to the server running on  machine A from machineB.
> MySQL 3.22.23b is running on machine A.  MySQL 3.22.22 is running on
> machine B.
> I received ERROR 1130: Host '' is not allowed to connect
> to this MySQL server. "" is the hostname of machine B.
> The command that I used to connect: mysql -h -u alan -p
> Hostname of machine A is ""
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The answer is in the error message. The setup of your privilleges does
not allow user alan@stripped to connect to your server. Check the
manual section on privilleges and configure them appropriately.

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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