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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 18 1999 12:30pm
Subject:Re: sysTables
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Stefan Vesterlund wrote:
> Hi, I had planned to use MS SQL Server 7.0
> in a project but I am not all happy with
> Microsoft and the "Internet connector" licence.

I do not know of anybody who is extremely happy with Microsoft licencing
policy :-)

> For my system I don't need many special features
> in SQL server and I hope that mySQL can handle
> the task just as good as th M$ product.

And even better, especially since you can run it on a better OS :-)

> But one important thing that I need from
> MS SQL is the sysTables command, is there
> any eqvivalent to that in mySQL?
> I need to be able to do a Select sysTables from myDB....
> In mySQL there is SHOW TABLES [FROM db_name], but
> can I ask that question by ODBC and get a normal
> queryresult?

Could you explain what SELECT sysTables  does? Not all of us are very
well versed in the MS SQL specific stuff...

If this is a syntactic variation of SHOW TABLES, I imagine this will
work fine, and if not, you can come up with a workaround.

> I am using Cold Fusion to communicate with the db,
> has anyone tried hat combination?

Somebody on this list has and it worked. The key is to convince
ColdFusion to talk to MySQL through ODBC

> More than one question, but answer to any of them
> will make me a happier man :)
> Regards
> Stefan Vesterlund
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