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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 18 1999 9:47am
Subject:Re: db queries suddenly slowed down
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David Johnson wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> We have been running our production system for 2 months on top of MySQL
> 3.22.13 on FreeBSD with little problems.  Then it all hit the fan this
> morning.  We were down for 6 hours while trying to figure out why MySQL had
> begun to take a very long time to process requests.  Even database
> independent queries like "show processlist" were taking minutes.  Indexed
> queries that usually take a millisecond were taking two minutes.
> Things that we tried that didn't help:
> restarting MySQL
> ISAMCHK -r all tables
> rebooting the machine
> Finally we began to delete all the data from our five biggest BLOB based
> tables that wasn't critical.  This seemed to solve the problem, but we're
> guessing as those tables begin to fill up again, we are back in trouble.
> These tables are very simple (one index, a large blob) but pretty big.  The
> largest has about 40,000 records which average about 9K a piece (360 MBs).
> We copied that database off before deleting the tables and are currently
> reproducing all the work our servers were doing during the time database
> freaked this morning.  We can't reproduce the problem.
> Anyone seen anything like this before?
> DJ

mysqladmin extended-status
mysqladmin variables

next time this happens and post the results.

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