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From:Vivek Khera Date:October 19 2000 3:11pm
Subject:Re: Huge Databse
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>>>>> "MH" == Mark Hodnett <mark.hodnett@stripped> writes:

MH> HDD space is so cheap now that data compression should never be an issue. 
MH> If everytime the database had to access data, it had to uncompress data, 
MH> then that would be a huge overload on the system.

There are other reasons to compress data than disk space.  I had a
reasonably large database with all the tables totalling around 150Mb.
Compressed, it was much more reasonable, and actually ran faster since
more of the data could be kept in the system's buffer caches and there
was less disk seeking going on.  It was well worth the $1000/year we
paid TcX for the support licence that got us isampack a few years ago.

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