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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:October 19 2000 3:09pm
Subject:Re: How do I get my database on the web?
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The passwords on win32 is very simple - read the manual.  Chapter 6 gives step by step
instructions on how to first set the root password then how to set up users with

I set up a user and password which is exactly the same as the one one that my ISP gives me
for the WEB database.  You need to find out what privileges your ISP has given you for
MySQL.  My ISP creates a single database that I can use - I can then create tables to suit
my application.  I set up the tables exactly the same as on my win32 system.  Mysqldump
works well for this, again the manual is very clear and easy to understand.

>Dear  all,
>   I apologise in advance if this is something that gets asked frequently, or
>is so obvious most people have no trouble. I have a relational database
>running fine on my Windows '98 platform with PHP interfacing with the MySQL
>database no problem, but I don't know how to get it on the web. My ISP has
>given me a username and password for MySQL and I think that I have to use
>MySQLdump to then upload it using telnet. How does I go about doing this?
>Also, I think I have a permissions problem. My local database is running
>using 'root' with no password - how can I configure the password? I'm not
>sure if the grant tables have been created properly...
>   I would be incredibly grateful if someone could give me some instruction
>on how to configure passwords (win32), dump the database and upload to a
>   I've been trying to sort it out for weeks, and I think I'm going mad...
>Please help me!!!!!
>  A big thankyou in advance...
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