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From:Bill Doerrfeld Date:October 18 2000 12:26am
Subject:New Web data engine for MySQL on Linux
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Greetings MySQL Friends,

Blue World has just released a new Web data engine for MySQL on Linux. We're
happy to introduce Lasso Lite 3.6.5 for Red Hat Linux.

This free version of Lasso includes a module for high performance direct
connectivity to MySQL databases.

We cordially invite members of this list to try Lasso Lite.

The announcement is available at

For those of you who might not be aware of Lasso, here's the long and short
of it. If this is not of interest, please pardon the intrusion.

Lasso has long been the number one Web application server on Macintosh and
for Web-enabling FileMaker Pro databases on Mac and Windwos. Lasso is the
only Web data engine whose technology is embedded into a mainstream
desktop/workgroup database product (e.g. FileMaker Pro). That has allowed us
to build a large following.

While it had its roots in the Mac and FileMaker Pro communities, Lasso
technology has grown tremendously over the last several years. Many of our
customers have outgrown Macs and FileMaker Pro and look to Unix operating
systems (e.g. Linux and the forthcoming Mac OS X) and MySQL. They love Lasso
for its ease-of-use, remarkable performance, built-in security, and
flexibility. In fact, with respect to performance, independent organizations
cite Lasso as faster than ASP and ColdFusion in side-by-side benchmark
comparisons (see

While Lasso may not be currently as widely know in the MySQL and Unix
communities, we hope to earn your respect and provide your community with
tools that increase productivity without sacrificing power and performance.
We truly hope to meet your needs.

Lasso utilizes a very easy to use yet quite powerful tag-based language
called LDML (Lasso Dynamic Markup Language). This tag language functions
quite similarly to HTML. Lasso also supports SSJS (Server-Side JavaScript),
Java, XML and other technologies. Additional information about Lasso is
available at

Many have been using Lasso together with MySQL for quite some time via both
product's support for ODBC. However, today's release of Lasso Lite presents
direct connectivity between Lasso and MySQL.

In closing, we really do look for feedback and ideas from members of the
MySQL community and very much appreciate having the opportunity to introduce
our company and offerings.


Bill Doerrfeld
President & CEO
Blue World Communications, Inc.

Bill Doerrfeld                             bill@stripped
Blue World Communications, Inc.
Build and deploy powerful data-driven Web applications
with Lasso Studio and Lasso Web Data Engine.

            Blue World - Pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)

New Web data engine for MySQL on LinuxBill Doerrfeld18 Oct