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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 17 1999 11:18am
Subject:Re: Windows 2000 Beta 3 - Any Problems?
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Ritschie wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not trying to flame here, but a few things must be considered:
> 1. Windows is not like linux the beta versions are not stable, and I would
> not use them bearing precious data.
> 2. I wouldn't use Windows in any "net matter" project if it wa the last OS
> in the world.
> Mainly I would suggest to wait until the real version gets out.
> (I have heard some rumours that this beta is not really stable)
> Don't know anything exact about MySQL's and Windows2000 beta 3 's
> relationship.. Does anyone know some?
> I would also be interested, how this Win200 thing gos on..
> Ritschie
> On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, Charles Montante wrote:
> > Am considering loading Windows 2000 beta 3.
> > Are there any problems running MySQL on this operating system?

I agree with Ritchie. Windows was written to sell to the masses and the
masses do not run servers. So the entire design was client first and
server as an add-on. What does that mean? A client has to be easy to use
for someone with not lot of skill, and if it crashes, so what - reboot,
run scandisk and go on. With this development model all the effort will
go into developing a pretty GUI interface at the cost of stability and
performance. Indeed, it is easier to impress a non-computer savvy
executive with pretty windows than with dry performance parameters. And
if he wants performance figures - hire Mindcraft ...

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