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From:Dan Nelson Date:June 17 1999 4:28pm
Subject:Re: mySQL response time
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In the last episode (Jun 17), Randall Jonasz said:
> For the last few weeks our mySQL daemon has started to "hang" in
> response to any query.  There are 12 databases, 10 of which are being
> accessed by 10 separate web sites.  When I access mySQL through the
> command line interpreter and type \s the output is as follows:
> mysql  Ver 9.29 Distrib 3.22.16a-gamma, for unknown-freebsd3.0 (i386)

Very interesting.  That makes 4 or 5 almost identical problem reports
for FreeBSD-3.*.

It might help to get a list of common points between all the machines,

FreeBSD version (and last cvsup/buildworld time if you follow -STABLE)
Compiled from FreeBSD ports tree?
Native threads or MIT-threads? (if "ldd /usr/local/libexec/mysqld" lists libc_r, it's
output of "sysctl kern.maxfiles"
MySQL version (mysqladmin version)
UNIX socket or TCP/IP? (mysqladmin version)
# of open tables
Approximate client load during the hang

If anyone can reproduce it reliably, output of a ktrace or truss run on
mysqld as the hang occurs might help as well.

	-Dan Nelson
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