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From:Dan Nelson Date:October 12 2000 10:46pm
Subject:Re: Multiple CPU Support
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In the last episode (Oct 12), George Perolli said:
> We are looking to run MySQL at my company as the back end of a VB
> application.  My question is how much of a benefit will I see using a
> multiple CPU server, and at what point will there be a diminishing
> return. Or would I see more of a benefit with more memory.
> I am currently going start by using a Dual Pentium Pro 200Mhz with
> 512 MB of memory.  The OS is FreeBSD 3.4 and I have U2W drives in it. 
> The biggest table in the database has about 150 000 rows and there
> are going to be approximately 250 users accessing the database.

FreeBSD's threads library doesn't take advantage of multiple CPUs, so
you would be better off with more memory.

	Dan Nelson
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