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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 16 1999 11:14am
Subject:Re: Problem with accessing char field
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Dirk Rodemer wrote:
> Hello !
> I have a table with a fixed char fiel which is indexed. Now I am sending
> a select query which uses this field in the where clause. It searches
> for an exact match (no wildcards). If there are many requests ( ~ 20/sec)
> the mysqlds are very CPU-consuming and all slows down. System configuration:
> 2 PII-350, Linux 2.0.36, mysql 3.22.21
> Does anybody have any hints how to speed this up.
> I have read in the documentation of mysql 3.23 that there is the possibilty
> to keep tables in RAM. When will 3.23 be released or is there a chance
> to get the develpment version for testing purposes.
> Thanks for your help
> Dirk
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Post the output of the following:

DESCRIBE your_table;
EXPLAIN your_query;

Also how much RAM do you have?  How much of it is available to MySQL?

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Problem with accessing char fieldDirk Rodemer16 Jun
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