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From:Vivek Khera Date:October 12 2000 2:37pm
Subject:Re: Password and Boolean data type
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>>>>> "JB" == Jack Barnett <jbarnett@stripped> writes:

JB> Pretty new to MySQL and DBs in general, I need to use a boolean data type
JB> (has 2 possiable values true or false || 0 and 1), but didn't see any ways
JB> to do this, I though about just using a CHAR(1), but was wondering if there
JB> was a better way to do this that might save some memory.

Well, in a normal program in most languages you'd use an enumerated
type to represent your two values.  Guess what... mysql has them as

JB> Also is there a "Password" data type that has the string value
JB> encrypted, or is it up to the user to encrypt it before it is
JB> insert into the database?

Mysql has encrypting functions, but most likely you'd want to encrypt
your data before sending it down the wire to the database server.

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