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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 2000 2:10pm
Subject:mysqld locks up.
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> Linux RH 6.2: 2CPU
> The problem is very simle mysqld hangs up eating whole CPU and even does =
> not allowing anyone to connect it (seems like no new threads are =
> created).
> I tryed to use GDB to connect to the thread:

> Attaching to program: /usr/local/mysql/libexec/mysqld, Thread 6701
> 0x80773a2 in end_thread (thd=3D0x1a2d, put_in_cache=3Dfalse) at =
> 901           (void) pthread_cond_wait(&COND_thread_cache, =
> &LOCK_thread_count);
> (gdb) n
> <HANG>

Unfortunately the above has nothing to do with the problem.  The above
just shows that you have a thread in the thread cache (I thought you
had this turned off ?) and that the thread is waiting to be restarted.

This doesn't explain why you can't connect to the mysqld server.

Next time, try doing

info threads
thread #
thread #

to see what the different threads are doing.

When you do a 'ps' do you have any mysqld servers that are marked as
'defunct' ?  This usually indicates that you some thread crashed. If
that is the case then we need to find out what is crashing mysqld.

> Any ideas about that this could mean:
> P.S I'm posting this as I'm seen this the second time - so this is not =
> the random bug.

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