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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 16 1999 10:57am
Subject:Re: Find Help...
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"Christopher R. Jones" wrote:
> Is it the NT OS or the Apache server on NT that is not going to hold up?

Short answer - NT kernel

Long answer - The meaning of "a lot of hits" and "hold up" is subject to
interpretation, and depending on how you interpret it, NT may actually
"hold up" under "a lot of hits". However, if we use a more precise
language, a Linux system will generally perform better on less powerful/
less expensive hardware
both in terms of speed and stability. Another couple of reason to use
Linux or some other Unix system in place of NT:

 - If your Unix machine is connected to the net and TCP/IP is working,
there is very little that you cannot do remotely but can do locally at
the console. NT is very far away from that. This means that with a Unix
you can contract somebody anywhere in the world to maintain your system.
With NT, you most of the time will be limited to local personel. Here is
one example to illustrate the power of remote administration. I updated
the kernel on my home Linux machine, but forgot to add parallel port
support. While I was at work, my wife decided to print something, and of
course, it did not work, and she called me asking what to do. My
response was: "turn the printer on, insert the paper, and wait for a
miracle". Then I logged in, recompiled the kernel, rebooted the machine,
logged in again, and printed the stuff. Try that with NT. If you forgot
install the driver, and you are not at the console you are out of luck.

- Motivation of the programmer/sysadmin. NT is boring to work with, at
least for capable IT people. I think it would be fair to say that the
excitement about working with NT for most programmers is inversely
proportionate to the square of the product of skill times aptitude, or
something along these lines. I do not know about others, for myself, my
productivity level is about 3 times as high when I am excited about the
job than when I am not. So if you want capable people to be excited
about working for you, get rid of NT ...

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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