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From:Wade Maxfield Date:March 18 1999 11:02pm
Subject:Re: fastCPU vs moreRAM
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  Well, it depends.

  Level 2 cache is the most important.
  Ram is second most important.
  Cpu speed within limits is third most important.

  If you really want speed, go out and buy a celeron processor and
"overclock" it to 450 megahertz. (You will probably have to work with a
computer technician to get this accomplished.)  Make sure the Dimm memory
you buy is 100mhz bus memory and the the celeron to use a 100mhz bus.

  This combo is faster than a Pentium II at the same clock speed.  The
reason is that the cache on the Celeron is running at cpu speed, whereas
a Pentium II cache is running a multiple slower than CPU speed. If the
motherboard supports motherboard cache, that will make things even

  SCSI hard drives are usually a better choice for speed, though the
ultra-DMA 33 IDE drives are very close.  Be sure to get a lot of onboard
drive cache memory.

  For reliability, try to get a controller that will allow you to Raid 5
the drives.  This will require 3 drives minimum, but it gives you the
ability to loose one drive of the three to a hard failure and still keep
your data intact.


On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Scott Moseman wrote:

> A partner and myself are going to be building a box to start our web dev
> and hosting side business.  We're going to be running Linux with Apache
> and MySQL (with Perl as the interface).  Should be pretty low load at
> first, but we want to let the machine be as expandable as possible.
> My question is for the intial build, should we focus more on faster CPU's
> or on more RAM?  I'm curious as to which would be a better performer.  I
> know it's good to have plenty of both *grin* but we (of course) have a
> limited budget initially and would like to know which route is better to
> start up with.
> Thanks for any advice,
> --
> Scott Moseman       Got Linux?
> scottm@stripped
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