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From:Steve Edberg Date:October 10 2000 1:01am
Subject:Re: telnet
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At 7:52 PM -0500 10/9/00, Luis Eduardo Córdova wrote:
>Hello, I have a little problem when I try to connect to Mysql Server
>through 3306 port, the message is "bad handshake", what can i do to fix up
>this  problem.
>OS: Red Hat Linux 6.2
>Mysql Version 3.22.32

This is to be expected; the MySQL port (3306 by default) is used by 
the mysql client programs to communicate with a mysql server. If 
you're using telnet, just connect to your machine and run the 'mysql' 
command. It is THIS program that will talk to the server, either via 
a socket or network connection. MySQL uses its own protocol for 
communications through the port, so we mere humans will just see the 
'Bad handshake' message and some gibberish.


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