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From:Jonas Norrman Date:October 6 2000 4:50pm
Subject:Searching for CEOs against software patents"
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Hej Monty,
Åter från en trevlig semester laeser jag gamla mail och har då
på detta viktiga meddelande. Jag tycker du skall skicka det - inte
bara till företagare- utan också till de viktigaste datatidskrifterna
inom EU. Kontakta dessutom era finska EU-politiker, så att de kan
agera på önskvaert saett.


>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Widenius <monty@stripped> writes:

Michael> Note that this is not a SPAM!  My opinion is just that this
Michael> is such a serious issue that everyone should know about it!

Michael> Software patents are a serious threat to Open software
Michael> development

Michael> Keep Europe free from software patents!  Support the
Michael> Eurolinux alliance initiative!

Michael> In November 2000, EU governments will debate whether to apply
Michael> software patents or not in Europe. Several big players with
Michael> software patents and proprietary interest are lobbying to get
Michael> software patents legally approved in the EU and they have got
Michael> some of the IP Lawmakers behind them.

Michael> As Jean-Paul Smets from eurolinux puts it: "IP Lawmakers do
Michael> not understand the "free software" model. They hate it
Michael> because it contradicts their ideology. So, they would rather
Michael> be happy if Linux disappeared.... And most people in
Michael> administrations tend to believe IP Lawmakers. It's a shame
Michael> but it's like that"

Michael> Software patents will turn development of Open source
Michael> software into a minefield, where the risk of being sued will
Michael> kill and hamper initiatives. Patent offices seldom understand
Michael> the nature of programming and can be expected to give patents
Michael> without fully understanding the consequences. Closed source
Michael> development will be the only safe way to avoid infringing on
Michael> software patents. The Linux itself as an open source
Michael> alternative to proprietary operative systems may well be
Michael> threatened, which no doubt would please several economically
Michael> strong interests.

Michael> Software patents will not only affect Open Source, it will
Michael> affect all software development.  For example if you have a
Michael> web site where part of the data is stored in a database or if
Michael> you are sorting data to speed up searches, you may be
Michael> breaking a patent!  The problem with software patents is that
Michael> there are so many patented techniques that the software you
Michael> developed actually contains statistically 10s if not 100s of
Michael> patent infringements, and anyone of these can be used to put
Michael> you out of business!

Michael> MySQL AB / TcX is strongly against software patents. We
Michael> believe that copyright is the right way to secure software
Michael> investments. We therefore engage in the Eurolinux Alliance
Michael> project to get 200 CEOs of big European companies to sign a
Michael> petition, telling the EU governments that software patents
Michael> would be harmful to their business.

Michael> If Your are a CEO of a suitable company, or have the means to
Michael> get Your CEO to sympathise with the work against software
Michael> patents in Europe, please mail or call me (+358-9-3861825,
Michael> 10.00 - 22.00 GMT +0)

Michael> Instead of contacting me, you can of course also try to
Michael> contact your EU representative to discuss this!

Michael> You can find lots of information on software patents at:
Michael> Please forward this
Michael> adress to anybody You think may contribute to the struggle
Michael> against software patents.

Michael> Act TODAY or find Yourself in a cage tomorrow!

Michael> Michael "Monty" Widenius Moderator CTO of MySQL AB
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