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From:Jay J Date:June 15 1999 9:14am
Subject:Re: Newbie: Access Denied trouble
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Wow - I've "browsed" the manual in it's entirety, and read many portions --
by I can't sayz I read da whole thing.

Explicitly connect?

[04:08:54 root@www mysql]# mysqladmin --help | grep host
  -h, --host=#          Connect to host.
  flush-hosts           Flush all cached hosts.

Again, like Sasha said:  Did you run mysql_install_db ? Did you set the root

I've no comment on MIT-pthreads ..

-Jay J

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Subject: Newbie: Access Denied trouble

> i DID read the manual...
> MySQL starts (x86-Linux 2.0.35), but I cannot shut it down, change
> password, or any other mysqladmin functions outside of version and
> variables.
> After investigating the manuals, I *think* my problem is...
> localhost is a synonym for your local hostname, and is also the default
> host to which clients
> try to connect if you specify no host explicitly. However, connections
> to localhost do not
> work if you are running on a system that uses MIT-pthreads (localhost
> connections are made using Unix sockets, which are not supported by
> MIT-pthreads). To avoid this problem on such systems, you should use the
> --host option to name the server host explicitly. This will make a
> TCP/IP connection to the mysqld server. In this case, you must have your
> real hostname in user table entries on the server host. (This is true
> even if you are running a client program on the same host as the
> server.)
> Ummm... I have no idea what 'name the server host explicitly' means, or
> how to place my 'real hostname in user table entries on the server
> host'.
> Is is OK to ask for Help now?
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