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From:Bill Doerrfeld Date:October 2 2000 11:02pm
Subject:Announcing Lasso Lite for MySQL
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MySQL Community,

Blue World is pleased to announce and release Lasso Lite 3.6.5b1 for Mac OS
X Public Beta, complete with support for Apache and MySQL.

We very much look forward to feedback from members of the MySQL community.

Thanks and regards,

Bill Doerrfeld
President & CEO
Blue World Communications, Inc.

October 2, 2000


Lasso Lite 3.6.5 First Commercial Middleware to Support Mac OS X Public
Beta, Apache and MySQL. Available Immediately for Free.

Bellevue, WA-October 2, 2000-Blue World Communications, Inc.-pioneers of the
Web Data Engine(tm)-today announced Lasso Lite 3.6.5 for Mac OS X, Apache
and MySQL delivering on its commitment to bring award-winning Lasso
technology to Unix-based platforms such as Mac OS X running Apache, the most
popular Web server. Blue World also demonstrates a commitment to support
direct connectivity to MySQL, one of the most popular and best performing
SQL databases used on the Internet.

"Lasso Lite 3.6.5 for Mac OS X, Apache and MySQL furthers our longstanding
position as the leading Web database tool vendor for Macintosh and beyond, "
said Bill Doerrfeld, founder, president & CEO of Blue World. "With support
for Apache and MySQL, the legendary power and ease-of-use offered with Lasso
technology is well positioned to become a popular choice for Web developers
who require high-performance, robust tools."

"Mac OS X is the future of the Macintosh and we're thrilled to see our
developers writing their applications expressly for Mac OS X, and making
them available for Mac OS X Public Beta users, " said Clent Richardson,
Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.  "With Lasso Lite
running on Mac OS X Public Beta, users get quick and easy database-to-web
solutions on the most advanced personal computer operating system ever."

"We're very happy to hear that Blue World has created a MySQL module for
their Lasso technology," said, Michael Widenius, CTO of MySQL AB. "We have
reason to believe that the Lasso Lite and MySQL combo will provide an
excellent solution for quickly serving data-driven Web sites."

Flexible Database Connectivity

Lasso Lite 3.6.5 is the first commercial middleware product for Mac OS X
Public Beta to directly support MySQL, one of the most widely used SQL
databases on the Internet. Lasso Lite 3.6.5 also supports FileMaker Pro
versions 4 and 5 running as Mac OS 9 Classic applications on Mac OS X Public
Beta. Lasso Lite 3.6.5 MySQL and FileMaker Pro data source modules
facilitate communication via TCP/IP with MySQL and FileMaker Pro running on
any operating system supported by these databases, including Linux and
Windows. Lasso's database independent design makes it easy to migrate from
or interoperate with virtually any database without changing a line of code,
making Lasso the ideal choice for organizations which require advanced Web
connectivity to a variety of data sources.

Innovative Architecture

Lasso Lite 3.6.5 introduces an innovative new architecture which excels in
flexibility. The core of Lasso Lite runs as a Mac OS X Cocoa-based service
which communicates with the CGI portion of Lasso Lite installed as a module
running within Apache. The abstraction of the Lasso Lite core service
application from the Apache module affords enhanced robustness and
flexibility with one's configuration. As a Mac OS X Cocoa (or native BSD
Unix) application, Lasso Lite takes advantage of all the benefits of having
Unix at the core of Mac OS X, including protected memory, preemptive
multitasking and open standards.

Awesome Performance

Lasso Lite 3.6.5 furthers Lasso's lead as the fastest performing Web Data
Engine (see Lasso vs. ASP and Lasso vs. ColdFusion white papers on the Blue
World Web site). Beyond its high performance multi-threaded processing
engine, Lasso Lite 3.6.5 achieves awesome performance by virtue of being a
Unix-based service application and by direct connectivity with high
performance applications such as Apache and MySQL.

Basic Features

Lasso Lite 3.6.5 provides a subset of features offered in Lasso Web Data
Engine 3.6.5, Blue World's full-featured Web application server for serving
powerful data-driven Web sites. Lasso Lite Instant Web Publishing
capabilities allow Web designers to instantly browse, search and add records
to databases via the Web without writing a line of code. A list of features
provided in Lasso Lite is available on the Lasso Lite Web site at 


A beta version of Lasso Lite 3.6.5 for Mac OS X Public Beta is immediately
available to the public for free via download at The final version will also be released for
free when Mac OS X is released early next year.

About Blue World 

Blue World Communications ( delivers cross-platform
software tools allowing Web developers and designers to quickly build and
serve powerful data-driven Web sites. Blue World provides Lasso Web Data
Engine, Lasso Studio, Lasso Lite, Blue World Store and Blue World ListSearch
service in fulfillment of its mission to bring business to the Internet(tm).


(c) Blue World Communications, Inc. Lasso, Lasso Studio, Web Data Engine,
Lasso Lite, ListSearch, Blue World Store. bring business to the Internet,
and Blue World Communications are trademarks of Blue World Communications,
Inc. Other company names, brand names and product names may be trademarks of
their respective holders.

Bill Doerrfeld                             bill@stripped
Blue World Communications, Inc.
Build and deploy powerful data-driven Web applications
with Lasso Studio and Lasso Web Data Engine.

            Blue World - Pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)

Bill Doerrfeld                             bill@stripped
Blue World Communications, Inc.
Build and deploy powerful data-driven Web applications
with Lasso Studio and Lasso Web Data Engine.

            Blue World - Pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)

Announcing Lasso Lite for MySQLBill Doerrfeld3 Oct