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From:Frederik Lindberg Date:June 15 1999 3:34am
Subject:Re: Please help me unsubscribe from the mysql-digest list...
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Skip Montanaro writes:

> My apologies for bombing the list.  I'd like to unsubscribe from the
> mysql-digest list and have been trying to do so using the unsubscribe info
> given at the beginning of each digest.  I've never received any
> acknowledgement, though I've sent several messages to the -unsubscribe
> address over the past month.  It seems that the administrative addresses are
> black holes.

Apologies accepted. Your problem stems from the fact that in violation of
rfc821/822 your messages contain an invalid envelope sender address (it is, which is a host that does not exist). The
software does its best to reply to you, but the messages do not reach you
for this reason. This also means that you won't get the detailed
instructions that are sent in reply to a message to
mysql-help@stripped or mysql-digest-help@stripped, including
the info that the responsible "human" can be reached at mysql-owner@ or

However, you can look at the "list-unsubscribe" header of any digest you
receive, and send a message to that address. The confirmation request will
be sent to your subscription address, reaching you. A simple reply and you
will be off the list as confirmed by a "GOODBYE from ..." message. I will
add this info more clearly to the digest admin text. In about 12h, I'll be
at work with access to the subscriber db. If you haven't unsubscribed by
then, I'll try to find your subscription address and remove it.

Finally, writing to postmaster@stripped will reach the top level of the
domain, from which it has to be forwarded, provided that the message
contains sufficient info. Always use the relevant host, unless you know the
organization. Mail to postmaster@stripped is acted on within 24h.

-Sincerely, Fred
Frederik Lindberg, Inf. Dis, WashU, St. Louis, MO

PS: Contact your ISP to get the envelope sender problem fixed. Many hosts
will mistakenly consider your messages SPAM, bounce them, and worse - the
bounces won't even reach you.
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