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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 29 2000 7:56pm
Subject:Re: Subject Line List Request
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In the last episode (Sep 29), Karl J. Stubsjoen said:
> I am requesting that:
> Somewhere in the subject line be  [MySQL].
> This would make my "life with email" much more maneagable.  Thank you
> kindly!

In fact, this list actually used to be set up like that.  It prepended
"mysql:" to every subject line, and we all breathed a sigh of relief
when the list was moved to a new host and the "mysql:" disappeared. :)

Nowadays, mail clients have filtering capabilities that let you put all
the list traffic in a single folder based on header.  I'm sure Outlook
Express can filter on the "List-ID: <>" header, or if
not, on "To:" or "CC: mysql@stripped".

If you're using Unix and REALLY want [MySQL] added to your subject
line, install procmail and add this rule:

* ^List-ID: <>
| sed -e 's/^Subject: /Subject: [MySQL]/' 

	Dan Nelson
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