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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:June 14 1999 12:44pm
Subject:Re: Find Help...
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Yamin, work with what you have.  If you school has a Pentium with Windows
95 or preferrably NT 4.0, you can use Mysql, Perl and a WEB server to do
all you want.  For a WEB server, you can use Xitami (share ware) or
Internet Information Server if your school has it set up.

Send a message stating what equipment your school has on hand.

Your most important task will be to learn something about relational
database design and SQL.  You will have to plan your database structure
before you implement it.

> MySQL can do what you need if you have the skills and knowledge to do
>the job.
> There are several ways to accomplish this, here is what I would
> - Get an Pentium or AMD K-6 system with a SCSI drive
> - Install Linux
> - Read tips on basic security to make sure you do not get hacked before
>you can take your installation CD out of the drive -:)
> - Learn some basics of Unix adminstration
> - Install MySQL, and read the manual thoroughly
> - Learn some basics of SQL, play areound with tables and queries
> - Install PHP, mess with it a little to figure out how it works
> - Write a simple database application ( eg, phonebook) with a Web
>interface through PHP
> - Add a couple of extra features to your simple application
> - Start working on you library application
> - Get it finished
>As you are doing all these things, feel free to ask questions on the
>list, but make sure to do your homework before posting a question - make
>a decent effort to find the answer yourself first. Make sure to ask
>specific questions as you encounter difficulties. 
>Sasha Pachev
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