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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 14 1999 4:55am
Subject:Re: Find Help...
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yamin wrote:
> I'm a new commer in this mysql thinks,...
> and like to used it and know alot about it
> well i wanna make a project to my school (high), I wanna make a database for
> the library
> what i wanna ask is,...
> Is it possible to make a database for a library using MySQL ?
> And is there anyone out there can guid me ? (I really need one for this)
> And for this what should i need ??
> pls reply it to yamin@stripped
> thanks for the answer and all the help that i'm gonna need
> Rgds
> Yamin


 MySQL can do what you need if you have the skills and knowledge to do
the job.

 There are several ways to accomplish this, here is what I would

 - Get an Pentium or AMD K-6 system with a SCSI drive
 - Install Linux
 - Read tips on basic security to make sure you do not get hacked before
you can take your installation CD out of the drive -:)
 - Learn some basics of Unix adminstration
 - Install MySQL, and read the manual thoroughly
 - Learn some basics of SQL, play areound with tables and queries
 - Install PHP, mess with it a little to figure out how it works
 - Write a simple database application ( eg, phonebook) with a Web
interface through PHP
 - Add a couple of extra features to your simple application
 - Start working on you library application
 - Get it finished
As you are doing all these things, feel free to ask questions on the
list, but make sure to do your homework before posting a question - make
a decent effort to find the answer yourself first. Make sure to ask
specific questions as you encounter difficulties. 

Sasha Pachev
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