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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 25 2000 4:19pm
Subject:Re: MYSQL General Info
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In the last episode (Sep 25), sean fell said:
> I'm looking at using mysql in an application i'm developing and
> thought i'd subscribe to this mailing list to gauge the sort of
> problems people encounter when using it.
> Whats worried me by looking at messages posted, is the amount of
> 'corrupt' databases or advice to run 'isamchk' on suspect tables that
> seems to appear. The mysql documentation seems to imply that its
> virtually impossible for mysql tables to become corrupted unless you
> do something really stupid. Is it just me being paranoid by reading
> too much into these posted messages or is it really as bad as the
> postings seem to imply ?

I've never had a corrupt database myself.  If anyone's data gets
corrupted database during normal usage (crashes are not normal usage),
they should report it back to the MySQL people.

	Dan Nelson
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