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From:Van Date:June 13 1999 11:20pm
Subject:Re: Confused
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Jason Geach wrote:
>I am trying set up a message board which requires MYSQL to be installed.  I am new at
> this, so please excuse my >ignorance... where does MYSQL have to be installed?  Do I
> install it on my PC, server, or both.  Can I install it on my >server or does my ISP
> have to have it installed?  Please help.
>Thank you,
MySQL is a server-based database engine.  It needs to be installed on a
server for database applications development, such as a message board. 
If your ISP does not have a MySQL server (which could very well be on
their web server), you're out of luck.  You'll need to implement your
message board via PERL, CGI, ASP, or whatever else your ISP uses. 
Otherwise, you can find an ISP that provides a MySQL-enabled Web Server.

Linux rocks!!!
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