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From:Douglas Brantz Date:September 25 2000 1:19pm
Subject:Re: ODBC connection with ACCESS and MYSQL
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Thanks for your quick response.  Will defining the field as text be a problem?  I
don't make searches on this field - its just for info.
We place text only and no binary data in this field.  So, I should be able to alter
the definition with no problems?

mysql> alter table tablename modify info info TEXT;  would that be right for
changing the field info from blob to text?

About the ODBC - I am using MyODBC.  what seems strange is everytime we click on
the database name the connection fields are all empty.  It probably has something
to do with the first time I set it up I might have put the wrong info so it has it
saved with black fields?  I will take another look at this.

Thanks again,


Timothy Houck wrote:

> Hiya.
> Alas, Access is trying to redefine "binary data", as though they had
> license to it.  It assumes that data must somehow conform to an OLE
> object.  In your case, you should probably change this field type to
> "TEXT", which is similar to "BLOB" (the only difference is sorting and
> comparison).
> (
> This will now show up in Access as a "Memo", which can be edited but is
> limited to text.
> For the second problem, are you using MyODBC?  You should create the ODBC
> definition and fill in all of the required fields.  When creating your
> database link, use the ODBC connection.  If the host, username, and
> password fields are saved in your ODBC definition, any links using that
> connection shouldn't prompt you for anything else.
> Timothy
> On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Douglas Brantz wrote:
> > Quick question about ODBC and ACCESS.  I have linked a database so that
> > a user may administer it from a PC using
> > ODBC drivers with ACCESS.  Two interesting problems:  First, the Comment
> > field in Mysql is defined as BLOB which I got in the habit of using for
> > all text areas - maybe because of case sensitive matches?  But this
> > field shows up as OLE Object and can't be seen correctly in ACCESS.  If
> > I just import the tables I can change the field to Memo with the design
> > tool.  But being linked to the table doesn't allow this.  Should I go in
> > and alter the field and change it to text or medium text?  what would be
> > the correct definition and would this solve the problem?  Second, the
> > user has to create a new link each time they wish to go in and access
> > the database?  It doesn't seem to hold the settings for connecting to
> > the database - we even check the remember password box?  This is
> > Access97 and windows98.  Its not that big of a deal just curious.
> >
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