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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 13 1999 10:08pm
Subject:Re: Mysql/perl tutorial
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At 3:10 PM -0800 6/13/1999, steve wrote:
>Some pretty basic things..
>User name/password
>Create database
>I've got the server, driver and DBI all up and running. Just need to know
>how to take my table that I created and have Mysql see it as a database.
>The error messages I get tell me I have a user setup problem so that when
>I type 'mysql' or 'mysqladmin' commands I get either 'user' type or
>'database not found' type error messages.

How did you create your table if you're not able to connect to the
server?  Or do you mean you have your data in some representation
external to MySQL and that you'd like to create a MySQL database,
create a table in that database, and load your table into it?  I'm
just guessing that's what you mean, because your questions aren't
very specific and so they aren't easy to answer.

It sounds like you need to find out what user name and password to
specify in your DBI script so that you can connect to the MySQL
server.  That's something your MySQL administrator will have to
tell you.  Or are you the administrator?

Once you can connect, check chapter 7 of the MySQL Reference manual
and read the sections describing CREATE DATABASE, CREATE TABLE, and

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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