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From:Barry Date:March 18 1999 7:03pm
Subject:Text, TinyText vs Char, VarChar
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Hello Everyone!,

I just subscribed to this list. I am in to my first MySQL project - A
charity auction on the Web.

I am defining four tables for a MySQL Web Database to run on NT. The tables
contain mostly text type columns with an autoinc rec number and char itemid.

Question: Is there any disadvantage to using MySQL datatypes "Text" or
"TinyText" for textual type columns.

For columns such as "Address", I now have VarChar(64) to allow enough space
for the longest resonable entry. But if I used "TinyText", I would not have
to worry about the 65 char address (which will probably be the first one :) ).

Other than "TinyText" can't be an index field - which it won't. Do I pay a
penalty? Do I gain anything? - other than flexibility.

Thanks much for your insight.


Text, TinyText vs Char, VarCharBarry18 Mar
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