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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 24 2000 6:49pm
Subject:Re: Uninterruptable process?
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In the last episode (Sep 24), Todd Daniel Woodward said:
> Is MySQL supposed to run as an uninterruptable process? Seems I can't
> kill it even with kill -9. Anyone else ever experience that?

To see if the mysql process is really stuck in an uninterruptable
state, check the output of "ps -lp <pid>".  If the "S" (possibly STAT
or STATE) column has a "D" or a "U" in it, it's in an uninterruptible
state, and the "WCHAN" column should show what it's waiting on.

This could easily happen if mysqld is accessing NFS-mounted databases
and the remote system is down.

	Dan Nelson
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