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From:Douglas Brantz Date:September 22 2000 12:54pm
Subject:Mysql vs Filemaker Pro & Oracle
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I've been working with Mysql for the past two years and really love it.
I find it fast, secure and easy to use.  I've been writting cgi-perl
scripts for the same amount of time and have created a few good projects
that interface over the web.

My question is this.  Could you please send me some data discribing how
Mysql matches up to FileMakerPro and Oracle.
I am not trying to say that one is better then another.  I would like to
see it being support more on the campus I work at and was told by the
computer center that Mysql projects couldn't be supported because Mysql
can't handle large data sets, it is slow and It is not a try database?
I don't think any of this is true and I would like to educate myself as
well as get some facts to educate others about Mysql.
We have both, Filemaker Pro and Oracle, available on campus.  Guess I am
trying to light a fire for adding Mysql to this list.

My background is in Art - Painting and Printmaking with a degree from
the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
I find working with a Linux server, Apache, Cgi-Perl scripts and
creating Mysql databases to be like creating a painting or a print.
The creativity in bringing a new project to life is very rewarding.  Of
course I'm still learning how to care for all these projects after their


Thanks in advance for any info.



Douglas Brantz
Computer Consultant
Fine & Applied Arts
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608

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Mysql vs Filemaker Pro & OracleDouglas Brantz22 Sep
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