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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 19 2000 10:17pm
Subject:Re: COALESCE problem
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In the last episode (Sep 19), Andy Tynan said:
> is this a known error I am seeing, or something I am doing wrong? I
> am running version 3.22.32 on Caldera Linux, everything locally under
> the KDE.
> mysql> select coalesce(NULL, 45) as test_column;
> ERROR 1064 at line 1: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '(NULL, 45) 
> as test_column' at line 1

From the mysql manual (appendix E - mysql change history):

Changes in release 3.23.3:
   * New function `COALESCE()'.

You'll have to upgrade to 3.23.  To keep from accidentally using
features that aren't in your version, you should probably use the
documentation installed on your system (usually in
/usr/local/share/doc/mysql/, share/ or local/ optional depending on
your OS).

	Dan Nelson
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