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From:Van Date:June 12 1999 3:15pm
Subject:Re: Database problem
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Niklas Saers Mailinglistaccount wrote:
> Hi. My harddrive crashed, so I'm installing MySQL again. I'm using FreeBSD
> 3.3.2, and I installed 3.22 from ports. It puts the default databases to
> /var/db/mysql so I moved the directory to /database/mysql and made a
> symbolic link /var/db/mysql -> /database/mysql But now I get no databases
> when I do a mysqlshow as a user, and root gets mysqlshow: Access denied
> for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: NO) when doing a mysqlshow.
> What have I done wrong???
>         Niklas
Niklas check perms on /database.
Linux rocks!!!
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