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From:Adam Powell Date:March 18 1999 5:36pm
Subject:Re: MYSQL TOP
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Hi, sorry about this... the problem is

1. We have 2 SUN OS servers, both with PLENTY of RAM... one has a banner
rotation script on and the other a mysql database...
2. the load on the database server is always quite respectable, and the same
for the banner machine... however SOMETHING happens at peak times, and the
load on the banner machine goes up to 30-40 and the banners are very slow...
while the load on the database machine stays the same.

Has anybody got a clue what could be happening and is there anything that
could cause a bottleneck at peak times and cause the load to go sky high?
We have set max connections to 400 but this isnt doing anything!


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>I'm sorry that I cannot help you with the problem, but
>I wonder why you subjected your mail with "MYSQL TOP" ...
>I don't think your problem has to do with mysqltop
>(if you use it at all...)
>But I see you wrote to the list, so I'm sure that someone
>is able to help you ... :)
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