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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 14 2000 4:21pm
Subject:Re: Adding A User - Parse Error
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At 11:08 AM -0500 09-14-2000, root wrote:
>Can someone explain:
>[root@sqltest bin]# mysql -u root mysql
>Welcome to the mysql monitor. Commands end with ; or \g
>Type 'help' for help.
>mysql> grant all privileges on *.* to jdhoover@localhost;
>ERROR: parse error near '*.* to jdhoover@localhost;' at line 1
>I have tried it with * instead of *.*.
>I have tried it just like the manual in section 6.13.
>I cannot figure this out. It will not accept any commands
>Always gives the same error.
>Thanks in advance...

This same question was asked yesterday.  The answer in that case
was that the version of MySQL in question was older than 3.22.11.
What version of MySQL are you running?

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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