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From:Jeff Brewer Date:September 12 2000 2:00pm
Subject:RE: MySQL Limits...
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MySQL 3.23 supports tables of up to 8,000 GB on the underlying file system
but 3.22 only goes up to 2GB.  I found that RedHat 6.1 supports files larger
than 2GB on Alphas but not on Intels.  As far as the number of rows, I've
got indexed tables with 250 million plus rows.  Look in the MySQL
documentation for more specific information.

Jeff Brewer

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What file sizes can Solaris support?
How about Linux - Red Hat 6.1/6.2?

Bill Hess - Technology Resource Group

> On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 09:03:22PM -0400, Bill Hess wrote:
> > What are some of the "upper limits" of MySQL - that is maximum
> > number of rows in a table, database size, etc... Or where can I go
> > look for them
> Don't have an easy answer. It should be in a FAQ somewhere, since
> someone asks just about every other day.
> > I am looking at having some tables which may be 20-25 million rows
> > plus (with indexes) - will I run into problems because of the table
> > size?
> You shouldn't have any problem provided that your OS has support for
> files big enough to hold the data.
> Jeremy
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