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From:David Saez Padros Date:September 12 2000 12:27pm
Subject:Re: Upgrading problem
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Hi !!

> So you didn't start mysqld with the czech character set.
> (Your mail wasn't very clear about that).
> With which character set did you start mysqld ?

I just user default provided mysql.server (that calls safemysql), as I know 
it does not use any special characterset

> (mysqladmin variables should show this)

character_sets latin1 czech cp1251  

> Can you try to relink / recompile your clients to check if the error
> message disappears by doing that ?

I have done that too, but the error was still there, it only disapers when
I copied cp1251.conf to 1.conf
Thanx & best regards ...

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