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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 11 2000 10:09pm
Subject:Re: Abrupt Perl Connection Problem after MySQL Upgrade
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At 6:02 PM -0400 09-11-2000, Paul Glace wrote:
>This morning, my perl DBI connect statement in all my perl scripts abruptly
>stopped working.  I next tried to connect to my database via the shell, and
>was told that access is denied.  The mySQL server was clearly up and
>running, but no longer allowing me to log in.  I contacted my web hosting
>company and found out that they upgraded their mySQL version overnight.  The
>new version is 3.23.24-beta-log.  They system administrator reset my login
>account and I able, once again, to log in through the shell.  However, my
>perl scripts are still not happy with the connect statement...
>use DBI;
>$dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:mysql:databasename:localhost", "username",
>My web hosting company has been of little help.  Do any of you have any
>theories as to what's gone wrong?  Is it something inherit in the upgrade?
>Is it a DBI issue?  I'm out of ideas.

Did they, uh, test their installation after the upgrade.
It's very likely that they'll need to recompile DBD::mysql.
Maybe also DBI.

Do you write PHP scripts, and did they break, too?
Same fix.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
Abrupt Perl Connection Problem after MySQL UpgradePaul Glace12 Sep
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