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From:Paul Glace Date:September 11 2000 10:02pm
Subject:Abrupt Perl Connection Problem after MySQL Upgrade
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This morning, my perl DBI connect statement in all my perl scripts abruptly
stopped working.  I next tried to connect to my database via the shell, and
was told that access is denied.  The mySQL server was clearly up and
running, but no longer allowing me to log in.  I contacted my web hosting
company and found out that they upgraded their mySQL version overnight.  The
new version is 3.23.24-beta-log.  They system administrator reset my login
account and I able, once again, to log in through the shell.  However, my
perl scripts are still not happy with the connect statement...

use DBI;
$dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:mysql:databasename:localhost", "username",

My web hosting company has been of little help.  Do any of you have any
theories as to what's gone wrong?  Is it something inherit in the upgrade?
Is it a DBI issue?  I'm out of ideas.



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Abrupt Perl Connection Problem after MySQL UpgradePaul Glace12 Sep
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