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From:Jerome Abela Date:September 11 2000 12:43pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 3.23.24 released
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Monty writes:
> MySQL 3.23.24 is now released
> Users that are using 3.23.23 should upgrade to this version!  If you
> are are using 3.23.23 and have keys on CHAR, VARCHAR or BLOB columns
> that may contain characters > 128 (like Scandinavia characters), you
> should run a CHECK on all tables and REPAIR any tables for which you
> get an warning!

Could you please elaborate a little bit on this ?

- You say that 3.23.23 tables should be repaired
- The manual says that 3.23.22 tables should be repaired
- I feel concerned about this statement from the manual: "Changed sort
  order for latin1 as it was before 3.23.22"

Indeed, as it was discussed on this list, the following characters are
compared as equal with 3.23.23:
  A a À Á Â Ã Ä Å à á â ã
ä å
However, with 3.23.22, only the following ones are equal:
  A a À Á Â Ã à á â ã
Are you telling us that 3.23.24 is getting back to the 3.23.22 behaviour ?

What is the rationale behind the decision that "a" would be equal to "â",
but not equal to "ä" ?


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