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From:Christian Mack Date:March 18 1999 4:51pm
Subject:Re: ODBC installation and use
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Hi Bill

Bill Koob wrote:
> I am running on a local win95 machine not connect to a network until
> I go on the internet.
> Server version 3.21.29a-gamma-debug prot
> ver 10 is the mysql ver
> The odbc driver is 2.50 ver?? that works for 95 & Nt.
> You have to change some file when you finish installing
> in NT as I understand it.
> I know I am suppose to find and use some program called dump???? but
> I've already have too much time in this non pay / no compensated
> quest to stop a complete take over by the evil M****S***.
> Per the instructons I was able to find.
>          ODBC with mySQL
>          NOTE:  You must have a mySQL database table or
>          tables set up in order to access the database.
>                        Requirements: Windows 95 or NT 4.0
> OK          1. Download the ODBC Download myodbc 2.50.xx for
>                Windows95 or NT from here.
> Ok          2. Unzip the file into a temp directory and run
>                program "setup.exe"
> Ok          3. From the "Install Drivers" window, choose
>                MySQL.
> Ok          4. After installing the MySQL ODBC driver, the
>                install program will show the "Data Sources"
>                window. Click "Add."
>                  Note: On Windows NT 4.0, you'll get a message saying
>                 "This application uses the old version of
>                  CTL3D32.DLL..." Just ignore
>                  it for the moment.
> Ok           5. From the "Add Data Source" Window choose MySQL
>                 from the list box and click the OK button.
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>              6. Fill out the fields in the DSN setup window.
>                 A. You can use any unique identifier for the
>                     Windows DNS name and description
>                 B. Enter the name of the "mySQL Database"*
> I have a database called test at c:\mysql\data\test
>                          I enter test
>                 C. Enter the server name*
> I entered as it was the workaround to running the thing on a
> local machine and not a network I have a file called hosts in the
> c:\win95 directory with " localhost" in it.

Why don't you use or localhost?

>                 D. Enter the "user"*
> koob (previously entered whenever a password was required)
>                 E. Enter your password for "password"*
> bill (previously entered when ever a password was required)

Is there a user = 'koob' with password = 'bill' defined in mysql?
If not I would to suggest to use user = root and an empty password.
>                 F. Enter the port number*
> left blank as default will be entered per some read doc.
>                 G. Click on OK.
> "it states install is successful."

O.k. if it worked, then you can see with:
Start->Preferences->Control Panel->ODBC

under 'Drivers' should be an entry like this:
MySQL	2.50.xx00	TCX DataConsult AB	MYODBC.DLL	12.11.1998

and under 'DSN' should be an entry like this:

If you don't have the driver, install MyODBC again.
If you don't have the DSN entry, choose 'add'.
Then select the MySQL driver and press 'finish'.
Now you have to give the above values again.
Then press 'OK'.
Now the DSN-entry should be there.

>             How to set up MS Access 97 to access your mySQL
>    COMMENTS            database via ODBC
>        ok                1. Open MS Access and create a new database.
>        ok                2. From the file menu, choose File and then Get
>                             External Data and then Link Tables.
>        ok                3. From "Link" window that comes up, choose ODBC
>                             Databases.

Here should come a window with "Select Data Source" as name.
It contains a list of existing DSN-entries.
Select the 
Now press 'OK'.
Continue at 5.

> Here I get the same      4. From the "Select Data Source" Window, choose
> menu I got when I           the DSN name you've setup for your online mySQL
> installed the odbc          database. If you haven't already done so, see
> driver                      instructions here. Click the OK button.
> I select a the db        5. From the "Link Tables" window, select the table
> called test in              you want to attach and click the OK button.
> c:\mysql\data\test       6. ODBC could prompt you for the primary key
> Microsoft insists I         column in that table, if it can't find it.
> use a different dir.        Specify one and that's it! The online mySQL
> (basically it fails         table is now attached to your local access
> here)                       database:
>                          7. You may open the table, update, inset or delete
>                             records. To attach all database tables, follow
>                             the above steps for each table in your
>                             database.
< cut >
> The only other thing I can think of is I do not have a datetime in
> my table - that surely wouldn't cause it to fail without use of the
> table would it?

This only will prevent you from updating via Access.


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