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From:Fredrick Bartlett Date:September 10 2000 3:21pm
Subject:Re: Metabase MySQL driver with support for transactions is completed
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Hello,  Michael!

Besides sub-queries,  what "new features" are we likely to see "first" in 4.0?

Michael Widenius wrote:

> Hi!
> >>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel Lemos <mlemos@stripped> writes:
> Manuel> Hello Michael,
> Manuel> On 08-Sep-00 05:44:43, you wrote:
> Manuel> MySQL driver class assures that tables are created with type BDB when
> Manuel> transactions are meant to be used.  So, the tables of databases for
> Manuel> applications that need transaction support, have to be recreated .
> Manuel> MySQL driver class also assures that the BDB tables have a dummy
> >> field that Manuel> is defined as PRIMARY KEY and AUTO_INCREMENT to make
> >> transactions work with Manuel> those tables.
> >> Good!
> >> Note however that within a few weeks MySQL will automaticly create a
> >> hidden primary key for BDB tables if the user hasn't specified one!
> Manuel> Humm, maybe I will take that off and recommend developers to use a more
> up
> Manuel> to date version of MySQL.  This latest Metabase developments in the MySQL
> Manuel> driver are still in beta testing, but I will make a public release soon.
> When
> Manuel> do you expect to have that automatic primary key field added to BDB
> tables?
> Within a few weeks should in this case mean 2-4 weeks.
> Manuel> BTW, would it work well if later somebody adds a primary key field to the
> Manuel> actual table definition?
> Yes;  In that case we will just remove the hidden column and key.
> Manuel> Dumping an installed database with Metabase and reinstalling it from
> >> the Manuel> dump with the UseTransactions option set would make it
> possible
> >> to start Manuel> working with transactions with existing Metabase based
> >> applications.
> Manuel> Notice that there are still bugs in MySQL transaction support, namely
> Manuel> selecting data from a BDB table with the ORDER BY clause. This bug
> >> has Manuel> been reported to MySQL developers.
> >> It will be fixed in MySQL 3.23.25 (A patch will for this should be
> >> posted today)
> Manuel> Is it available through the Sourceforge CVS repository for MySQL?
> I think so; I have checked in the patch, but I don't know how often
> Sourceforge syncs their repository from ours.
> Manuel> It seems to not be working properly. I logged in with account anonymous
> Manuel> but password anonymous would not work. I realized by accident that
> Manuel> an empty password would work.  But than I could not checkout module mysql.
> It
> Manuel> gives me this message:
> Manuel> cvs [server aborted]: cannot stat /home/cvs/locks-master: No such file or
> directory
> Matt, can you take a loot at this?
> Manuel> Is MySQL CVS repository accessible somewhere else with a read only
> account?
> I don't really know;  I have however requested our web developers to
> put information about this on our web pages, so it should be there
> after a couple of days.
> >> Keep on the good work!
> Manuel> Thank you.  You too.  While I am at it, how far are we from seeing a
> Manuel> version with support to sub-queries?
> It seams that I always get side tracked with requests from paying
> customers just when I am about to start working on sub queries :(
> (And no one has actually been prepared to pay for sub queries).
> The problem now is that we are just about to declare 3.23.x stable, so
> we can't add sub queries to this version :(
> I have on my TODO just now work for about 3 weeks;  After that I will
> start working on 4.0 and sub queries ; The actual work to implement
> sub queries isn't really that big (The 3.23 release already includes
> a lot of ground work regarding this), so it shouldn't take that long
> to have a release that supports this.
> Regards,
> Monty
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