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From:Colleen R Dick Date:September 10 2000 6:27am
Subject:how to do an error page
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I am processing away and something goes wrong I want to do an error page 

lets say just for example, I do a query and I want only one row back or something is

if ( mysql_num_rows($result) != 1 ) {
    do_error ("duplicate data");

How can I write so that do_error puts up another page,
WITHOUT RESOTTING TO JAVASCRIPT location or anything like that. 

lets call it error.php3?errmsg=whatever

function do_error($msg) {

   #what would go here?


Or if you all have any better way to do it,
The book just says print statements but I think that is kind of ugly

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how to do an error pageColleen R Dick10 Sep
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